SHOTHUNT RT18 Special Edition



In 2023, the collaboration with champion Raniero Testa gives birth to a new earplug model: SHOTHUNT RT18

They represent the perfect synthesis between the hearing protection offered by the Shothunt earplugs and the high technical and acoustic performances required by Raniero Testa.

They are powered by a model 312 zinc air battery with a lifetime in continuous use of around 200 hours and feature a button for changing between 3 different listening programmes:

1- no amplification

2- medium amplification for natural listening

3- accentuated amplification to enhance listening to surrounding sounds


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Designed according to the experience of the champion Raniero Testa, they guarantee maximum noise protection SNR 32dB and allow clear and precise listening to the surrounding environment.

This model is completely black and uses a Model 312 battery that guarantees a lifetime of approximately 200 hours in continuous use.

It has a button for changing 3 different listening programmes:

- Programme 1: no amplification to concentrate and isolate yourself from external sounds.

- Programme 2: weak amplification to restore natural listening and conversation.

- Programme 3: accentuated amplification to enhance listening to surrounding sounds.

Note: Attenuation of harmful sounds is always guaranteed whichever programme is chosen.

Extreme ease of use and comfort ensured even in the most extreme situations!