How can Shothunt earplugs protect and amplify at the same time?

Shothunt earplugs are provided with a very smart digital electronic circuit able to automatically and instantly manage all surrounding sounds and noises. This multi-channel circuit can perceive the intensity difference between the sounds, it therefore amplifies weak sounds below the 82 dB threshold while dampening, instead, sounds that can harm our hearing, that is, those exceeding 82dB.

Do they amplify the shot noise, too?
Definetely not! The shot noise varies between 110dB and 140 dB (according to the firearm); As it fully exceeds the 82dB threshold, it is compressed and dampened. This reduction is performed automatically and instantly so that it is perceived in an absolutely natural way.
How much can they improve my hearing?
Shothunt electronic earplugs enable an increased hearing of very weak sounds up to 5 times as much as your hearing, according to the frequency and intensity of the source sound.
In case of electronic failure is my hearing at risk when I shoot?
Not at all, because in addition to electronically reducing harmful sounds, they are provided with foam tips that seal the hearing canal and always ensure a 32 dB protection in terms of passive noise reduction.
How much is the noise protection ensured compared to the earmuffs' one?
The protection is even superior to the best electronic headset available in the market! Shothunt earplugs, in fact, feature a 32 dB average sound reduction (SNR) compared to a 27 dB average reduction enabled by electronic headsets.
How long do they take to dampen loud noises?
The attenuation is immediate because the foam tips perform a constant passive sound reduction and because Shothunt earbuds-enabled amplification is electronically restricted to never exceed an 82 dB output.
Where are Shothunt electronic earplus produced?

Wholly in Italy. They are produced by the Italian company Euro Sonit, located in Milan, Via Principe Eugenio 13, boasting a 50-year expertise in the production and distribution of hearing aids.

How long are Shothunt earbuds guaranteed for?

The warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, as shown on the sales receipt. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date shown on the invoice made out to a Company.

When do I have to replace the foam tips?
It depends on how they are used, the hygiene and earwax secretion of each user. Generally, we recommend you to replace them with new foam tips after about 2 months. Failing to carry out such a careful measure, there is a risk that the earwax will obstruct the small inner tube preventing the right sound amplification and weakening the earebuds-enabled amplification. Moreover, after some time, the “memory foam” characteristic begins to abate, following the reduced flexibility of the rubber tips, which thus become less comfortable.
How can i choose the right foam tip size the first time I use Shothunt devices?
The sales pack contains 3 sizes (S,M,L). You may want to choose first the Medium size and check your sensation in the hearing canal. If the foam tip bothers you and presses too much your ear’s inner walls you should replace it with a smaller (size Small) one. If you, instead, perceive a continuous whistle after wearing it for 2 minutes (the time the foam tip takes to completely expand) it means that it is too small and needs to be replaced with the bigger (size Large) one. Should the problem still persist, you will be able to require the XL size. It is paramount to pay attention to this step to ensure the proper noise protection.
How do I distinguish the left earbud from the right one?
The right earbud is marked with a red spot and the R (Right) character, whereas the left earbud is marked with a blue spot ands the L (Left) character.
How long do the batteries last?
After removing the protective tabs, the model 10 (yellow labelled) batteries last 140 hours in continuous operation while the model 312 (brown labelled) ones last about 200 hours. After removing the protective tabs it is important to wait about 1 minute before inserting the battery into the earplug.
Can I use any type of button-cell batteries?
No. The only usable batteries are zinc-air mod.10 for the PBS model and mod.312 for the Standard and Wireless models.
How do I switch Shothunt earplugs off?
To switch Shothunt earplugs off when while wearing them, you just have to turn both potentiometers backwards till perceiving a slight click. We suggest that you open both battery compartments, without necessarily removing the batteries, and place them into their protective, expressely moulded case, in order to keep the battery compartment open, thus ensuring that the power is off.
How comes that the batteries are already dead after using Shothunt earbuds just 2 times?
It's important to remember that, after about 30 days, the batteries will anyway be dead, whether you used them or not. Indeed, this type of zinc-air batteries begin to wear out when you remove their protective peel-off tab. Batteries' lifetime is also affected by the temperature where they are stored. Too hot or cold places dramatically reduce the lifetime of zinc-air batteries. It is useless to stick the protective tab back to them to stop such a chemical reaction, rather, they will wear out sooner. We further recommend that you don't keep the batteries in contact with metal objects or other batteries.The protective case of Shothunt earbuds enables you to carry 2 spare batteries (one in the left compartment and one in the right one) but you have to remember to keep them with the peel-off tab on).
Where can I buy the batteries and foam tips?

Zinc-air batteries can be found in any hearing center or electronic items shop. A blister contains 6 batteries for a 5 euro average price. Whereas the foam tips can be purchased on our online shop http://www.shothunt.com/shop/gb/ or from a Shothunt authorized retailer http://www.shothunt.com/dealers.php

Are they water and sweat resistant?

Shothunt hearing protectors are fully waterproof! All inner components are waterproof thanks to the P2i Aridion nano-tecnology, which ensures absolute protection from water, humidity, sweat and corrosion.

How do the Shothunt models differ from one another?
PBS model is powered by a mod.10 zinc-air battery lasting 140 hours in contrinuous operation, unlike Standard and Wireless models, which are powered by the mod.312 zinc-air battery with a 200-hour lifetime in continuous operation. PBS model has a small button that manages 3 different hearing programs (mute, medium and high amplification), while Standard and Wireless models are provided with a small wheel (potentiometer) to manage that amplification in a more selective, and above all different, way between the left and right earplug. Only for Standard and Wireless models you may request the pre-adjusment by sending your hearing examination.Wireless model can also be connected to two-way radios and mobile phones thanks to the magnetic induction neckloop supplied.
What colours are Shothunt electronic ear protectors available in?
PBS model is blue both inside and outside, in honour of the Italian National Shooting Team. The Standard model can be chosen with a brown or orange inner shell, while the outside is brown with an orange wheel. The Wireless model comes with a brown or orange shell, while the outside is beige and the wheel is orange.
Can they be connected also to two-way radios and mobile phones?
Yes, you have to choose the Wireless model, designed to connect two-way radios, walkie-talkies and mobile phones. It provides signal reception and transmission in both directions thanks to the supplied magnetic induction neckloop. This model is particularly suitable to driven hunting.
What is the magnetic induction neckloop?
The neckloop is a magnetic induction lace to wear around the neck. It generates an invisible magnetic flow that transfers the signal from the source (2-way radio, walkie talkie, mobile phone) directly to the Shothunt Wireless earpieces (equipped with a magnetic coil T-Coil). The signal is then amplified and converted into sound by the Shothunt Wireless electronic earplugs. Such technology is commonly used for medical devices like hearing aids and it is not harmful for your health.
Is the neckloop universal and suitable to any two-way radios or mobile phones?
The neckloop must be connected to the 2-way radio or mobile phone through a jack. Each 2-way radio or mobile phone model suits to a specific jack; when purchasing the devices, you are therefore kindly asked to advise your radio model in order to receive the corresponding jack.
How much is the estimated lifetime of Shothunt devices?
It depends on how and how long they are used for and whether they are used as instructed. If you handle them carefully and follow the few maintenance guidelines, their lifetime can easily exceed 10 years.
Are Shothunt earplugs universal or custom-made?
They are universal electronic earplugs that don’t require earprinting. The Memory Foam rubber tips in 4 different sizes ensure comfort and protection and guarantee a perfect adaptability and adherence to each ear canal.
Why should I choose a universal ear protection instead of an earprint-custom one?
There are several reasons why you should choose our universal Shothunt earplugs instead of custom earplugs. First, Shothunt earplugs work with every ear canal thanks to the Memory Foam rubber tips and their protection and adherence do not depend on the earprinting operator. The foam tips of Shothunt earbuds are comfortable, soft, they ensure a 32dB protection, unlike custom earbuds, which are commonly rigid, heat your ear, and provide an average 26dB protection max.
Can they be tuned to my hearing loss? How?
Yes! Shothunt Standard and Wireless models can be presetted according to the hearing loss of each customer. You just need to send us an e-mail or a fax with the hearing test and request the pre-fitting of Shothunt devices. It is important that you specify which sounds you want to hear again, like the thrush's whistle, the beeper sound or the boar rustling
Can I recover sound directionality?
In 90% of the cases, it is possible to restore the sound directionality by sending your hearing test and having your electronic earplugs pre-fitted, balancing hearing in both ears and restoring the natural 360° hearing perception.
Will they let me hear even the thrush's whistle?
You will hear again the thrush's whistle if you dont’suffer from a medium-to-severe hearing loss (over 50%) at this sound frequencies (over 6000 Hz).
What shall I do if I keep on hearing a whistle after wearing them?
This means that the foam tip is too small or worn-out to completely fill the ear canal or that the earbud has been wrongly placed into the ear, leaving a space causing the Larsen effect (whistle).
Do these active earplugs help with tinnitus, too?
Unfortunately tinnitus derives from serious/continuous traumas or dramatic pressure changes and it can not be cured. Definitely, by wearing active protection devices such as the Shothunt ones, these continuous and bothering whistles can at least be covered up by other sounds and it doesn’t get worse
Can I wear only one, or are they both necessary?
Both earplugs are necessary for both protection and sound amplification/stereophony . You can buy only one earbud if you certify the total hearing loss in one ear.
How long can I wear Shothunt protective earbuds?
There is not a time limit beyond which you have to take your earbuds off. You can wear them as long as you want.
Can I use Shothunt electronic plugs with a cap or earmuffs?
Yes. You can easily cover the electronic earplugs without causing interferences. You are recommended to do that when it’s very windy in order to reduce the amplification of that sound
Are they likely to fall from my ears and get lost?
Definetely not. By choosing the foam tip suitable to your ear canal and properly placing it into your ear (as instructed), there is no risk of earbud leakage. Should you nonetheless request it, a string connecting both Shothunt earbuds is available on demand.
How do they perform with the wind?
Unlike electronic headmuffs, Shothunt earplugs are less affected by the wind because they are placed inside the pinna. However, if the air directly reaches the microphone, you will certainly hear a rustling. For this reason, we advise you to wear earflap or a cap over the earbuds, in case of strong wind.
How can I order them?

Directly through our E-Commerce website http://www.shothunt.com/shop/gb calling number +39283540281, faxing +0283540237 or visiting Shothunt dealers (listed at http://shothunt.com/dealers.php)

Can I pay them by instalments?

Not for now, but we are working to offer you also this opportunity, in the next future.

What kind of maintenance do Shothunt earplugs require?
The most important thing is to keep the foam tip clean to prevent the earwax from getting inside and in order to avoid a possible decrease in amplification or even the full blockage and the consequent impairment of the receiver.
Whom can I address if something doesn't work or I have questions?

Directly calling our company number +39283540281, sending a fax to the number +0283540237 or an e-mail to info@shothunt.com or at the store where you bought your earbuds.

Are Shothunt hearing aids, thus tax-deductible as medical costs?

No! Shothunt earbuds are not medical devices but personal protective equipment (PPE), they comply with CE EN-352 regulations and are tax-deductable according to current rules

Should I remove the batteries when I don't use them for a long time?

Yes, when the earphones are not used for a few months it's recommended to remove the batteries. After some time the batteries may swell due to oxidation.

How do I properly store the magnetic induction neckloop?

The magnetic induction neckloop is made with a thin copper winding that allows sound to be transmitted to the earphones. This winding is covered with a cord that is to be worn around the neck. It is recommended not to create knots, chokers or ninety-degree angles to prevent the collar from becoming deformed or broken and thus interrupting the magnetic field. It is recommended that it be stored after each use in its original packaging and care should be taken in preventing it from twisting.

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