Protect & Enhance Your Hearing
Standard Hunting
Concentration, Comfort, Protection
PBS Sport
Remote Communication Minus The Bulk
Wireless Communication
Capable of unique performance
All this is just over 2 centimeters and less than 2 grams
High Definition
Reproduces and Amplifies ambient sounds up to 20 dB in High-Fidelity. 100% Digital Processor feauturing multi-channel technology for a directionality of sounds at 360°
Best Hearing Protection
Attenuation of harmful sounds of 32 dB (SNR) ensuring outstanding protection against acoustic shock as gunshots and prolonged noises. This is the highest noise reduction value currently on the market
Extraordinary amplification
Increased hearing of low intensity sounds or sounds barely audible to the naked ear with the ability to adjust the volume to your liking. If you have a hearing loss you can ask for a pre-adjustment to suit your own hearing needs.
Automatic blocks sound
Automatically dampens harmful sounds that exceed 82 dB. Immediatly impulse noise attenuation
100% Made in Italy
Patented, designed and produced entirely in Italy.

Water-repellent electronic components electronic components featuring P2i Aridion™ nanotechnology, guaranteeing superior protection against water, moisture, sweat and corrosion
Shothunt electronic earplugs
customized to suit your own hearing needs.
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For an unprecedented Hunting Experience: STANDARD
Standard Standard
Increased hearing of low intensity sounds or sounds barely audible to the naked ear such as movement of wildlife, a broken branch, a rustling in the woods and birds singing Attenuation of harmful sounds of 32 dB higher than any other electronic earmuffs Pure 360° sound for an easy and clear detection of sound origin READ MORE
For Shooting Sports: PBSConcentration, Comfort, Protection.
Greatest ease of use and comfort assured. Whether in competition or in training, Shothunt PBS is the ideal choice for all shooters who wish to protect their hearing and don’t want to give up the convenience of shooting minus the bulk and with the full freedom of movement Shothunt electronic protectors are approved by the Italian Federation FITAV and Italian Federation FITDS READ MORE
For Driven Shooting: WIRELESSRemote communications minus the bulk
Wireless Wireless Wireless
Communicate both in receipt and transmission thanks to the use of the Magnetic Induction Neckloop Compatible with Walkie-Talkies and Mobile phones. READ MORE
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Testimonials The Winning Choice
Anthony Terras
Anthony Terras
French Skeet shooter and Olympic Champion. Bronze medal at the Men's skeet at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Raniero Testa
Raniero Testa
World Recordman and Professional Shooter
Gabriele Rossetti
Gabriele Rossetti
Italian Skeet Shooter and Olympic Champion.
Gold medal at the Men's skeet at the 2016 Rio Olympics
Mauro Fabbris
Mauro Fabbris
Professional Hunter - Safari Guide